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Steve Dove

I love hearing people’s stories, especially the stories of family, people meeting, falling in love, getting married, people in big families, small families and everything in between. Life is an adventure which is another thing I love; the best is to share an adventure as a family and to record it with my Nikon camera. So tell me, how did you guys meet, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done, can we shoot your wedding on the top of Mt. Cheam? You bet we can and it would be amazing!!!
Presenting you…presenting your¬†story it’s all about telling your story.

Cody Watson

I want to tell your story so you have something beautiful to share and re-tell for years to come. Momentous occasions can fly by in a blur, so let me capture both the focal moments and the instants that might otherwise go by unnoticed. I want to capture every facet of your day. I love the creative process, learning about you, and showing the heart of your wedding, your friends, and your family. My aim with Dove Images is to present your story as a work of art.

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